FCI Associate Network

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics have set up this network specifically for its Associate members.

Associate members include: early career Clinical Informaticians, those not clinically registered but working in informatics, lecturers/those in informatics academia, those working in industry, informatics IT workers, informaticians working abroad and much more.

This group has been set up with the following aims:

  • To represent and provide a platform for the views, needs and interests of Associate members

  • To enable networking and local meetings of Associate members (both virtually and physically when this is next possible)

  • To help understand the varying groups within the Associate membership and work up benefits for these members.

  • To work with Associates to provide resources and training programmes for Early Careers informaticians.

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The  first meeting of the Associate network  took place on 3rd September 2020. Plans for the next meeting are underway.

Read Lou and Tejal's blog for setting up the Associate network.

View introductory videos from Associate members  on the FCI Discourse Forum (requires sign up for a Discourse account).