Invitation to complete online validation survey for the FCI Core Competencies Project

FCI invites members and the wider informatics community to help validate our Core Competencies via an online survey tool - deadline 8th June

The FCI’s Core Competencies Project[1] (CCP) provides a methodology for the development of core knowledge and skills-based competencies for clinical informaticians and the mechanism by which these competencies can be mapped to educational and professional developmental initiatives for accreditation. Evidence that an individual has achieved these core competencies should qualify that person for membership of the FCI.

We are contacting every member of the FCI and representatives of the wider informatics community, to ask you to help us validate the draft core competencies that have been developed jointly by the FCI and the University of Manchester. If you would like to take part in this exercise, please follow the instructions below in the note from Dr Alan Davies of the Manchester team. Please note that we are looking for responses from individuals, rather than on behalf of your organisation.

You will find it easier to read the competencies framework document on a device with a reasonable sized screen and we know that the survey tool works with most web browsers, but not Firefox on a Mac.

Thank you,

Dr Alan Hassey (Director of the Core Competencies Project)

Dr John Williams (Faculty Chair)


We are researchers from the University of Manchester working with the Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) to iteratively produce a core competency framework for clinical informaticians. Following initial work carried out by the FCI and findings from a systematic literature review, job-postings analysis and expert interviews, we have now produced an updated draft of the proposed competency framework. 

As a professional involved with informatics, we would like to invite you to comment on the framework by completing a short online survey (which includes the framework).

The results of the survey will be used to inform the final version of the competency framework.

To take the survey, please visit:

If you are an FCI member or informatician, please contact and we'll send you the password for the survey. 

The survey will close on Monday the 15th of June at midnight, so please complete the survey prior to this for your views to be included.

Feel free to forward this email to any people you think might be suitable to provide feedback on this work.

Kind regards,

Alan Davies