Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation.

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics offers a CPD Accreditation service for clinical informatics training courses and conferences

All health and social care professionals are required to undertake continuing professional development as a way of keeping up to date with new knowledge, techniques and developments related to their practice.

The Faculty has developed a process for CPD accreditation with the following objectives:

  • To support continuing professional development of health and social care professionals who want to broaden their knowledge of clinical informatics by ensuring that the learning resources meet an appropriate standard.
  • To help educational providers improve the standards of their educational resources by providing feedback on applications for accreditation that do not meet the grade.
  • To provide a rapid signpost for members and other interested parties that the training meets FCI standards


FCI offers CPD accreditation for clinical informatics learning resources covering all health and social care disciplines, including:

  • Virtual (e-learning) and face to face training, plus blended courses combining both
  • Educational events, including sessions in conferences with educational content
  • Other learning resources, such as specific articles in journals and books, with educational content

Overseas activities may be considered for CPD accreditation if they are aimed at UK health and care professionals and are relevant to Faculty members. They will be considered on a case by case basis.

Scope excludes:

  • undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and courses leading to a professional qualification. However, clinical informatics modules, included as part of a wider postgraduate clinical programme are in scope.
  • internal activities, ie local educational activities with colleagues from the same organization (recognizing that such activities may involve more than one NHS organization and that there may be external speakers).
  • business meetings, annual general meetings, prize-givings.
  • personal learning activities.
  • Apps and clinical decision support systems.

Accreditation Criteria

Accreditation is carried out within the framework defined by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC), Standards and Criteria for CPD Activities. This document sets clear and explicit generic criteria, which are relevant to any type of learning resource, including criteria relating to:

  • Appropriateness and relevance of content to the intended audience
  • Clarity of learning aims and evaluation of training
  • Quality of content
  • Qualifications and experience of teaching staff
  • Appropriateness of delivery methods
  • Lack of commercial bias or influence
  • Competence of the author/training provider
  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements

Accreditation Process

  1. Applicant completes the CPD Application Form and submits to FCI staff at
  2. Application is checked by FCI staff to make sure it is complete and filled in correctly and is passed to the clinical lead for an initial review, to ensure it is fit to assess and for advice on an appropriate assessor.
  3. FCI staff then advise applicant of charge for assessment
  4. Form is passed to one of panel of FCI assessors for assessment
  5. Assessor reviews, records feedback on checklist and response is sent to FCI staff who respond to applicant
  6. Application may be:
    1. Approved
    2. Approved subject to minor changes or clarifications
    3. Refused
  7. Further communication if clarifications or issues raised.

Where application is accepted, course is FCI ‘kitemarked’ (i.e. is able to use the FCI logo) and listed on FCI website. Where application is refused the reasons given by the assessor are communicated to the applicant

Accreditation costs

The Faculty seeks to recover costs of assessor, clinical lead and administrative time in the assessment of CPD courses. A quotation will be provided on submission of the application, but an indicative cost for accreditation of a single course is £300.

Download the CPD Application Form:  

List of Courses Accredited by the FCI

Please see below the list of resources and events currently accredited by the FCI.

Look out for the accreditation sign:

CPD accredited by Faculty of Clinical Informatics