Faculty of Clinical Informatics Special Interest Groups

The FCI has set up Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to provide an opportunity to:

·           Bring together individuals with shared interests for peer support and networking   

·           Establish expert views and opinions on specific topics 

·           Offer educational opportunities for members (for example holding webinars on topics of interest)

Each group has a discussion forum and as the groups develop they will hold events, workshops and virtual get-togethers to support and develop the area of interest. 

The ultimate goal of these groups is to develop and share the expertise and skills of FCI members to improve healthcare services and outcomes for patients and the public.

Download the generic FCI SIG Terms of Reference

SIG Membership

As part of your membership with FCI, you are eligible to join our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). We have the following SIGs set up:

Please click the links above to find out more about each group and register your interest.


Setting up a SIG

If you are an FCI member and want to establish a SIG for a specific topic, area or career path, get in contact at   info@fci.org.uk  .